Fluid and flexible, it's LinkOS.

The brains behind the amazing form factor of LINK is LinkOS, an incredibly ubiquitous and powerful software platform that's built for the connected world.

One app, to rule it all.

Videos, photos, music and a lifetime of data - the versatile LINK app allows you to access and manage your entire digital world in one place.

The life of the party.

LINK easily connects multiple devices to access the same files and collaborates with any platform. You can control who gets to see what, where and when.

Permission-Based Access

Presentation Mode

Built to be built upon.

LinkOS is a highly customizable operating system that fuels the power and possibility of the LINK. This versatile and expandable platform offers an endless array of exciting opportunities for individual consumers and entire industries.

Effortless integration.

Seamlessly working with and enhancing connected devices is why LINK is here. The flexible LinkOS can help a wide variety of current and future IOT products.

Keeps your data, yours.

Set and control customizable permissions levels for different files and users. Remotely wipe all information in case LINK is lost or stolen. Back-up easily to either a preferred cloud service or local device.

2048-Bit Military-Grade Encryption

Self-Encrypting Drive (SED)

Reform Security