LINK your world.

LINK is an ultra-portable computer made to connect your digital world. With LINK, you can easily store, share and enjoy all of your content and services anywhere, anytime.

Welcome to moving beyond today's storage and connectivity limits.

It fits.

A single device that's amazingly small and keeps your entire digital world right where it needs to be - with you.

Height: 2"

Width: 2.4"

Depth: 0.25"

Connects every time.

Cloud or no cloud, LINK connects you to networks when available or creates it's own at blazing-fast speeds. LINK simultaneously streams and connects to multiple devices.

Dual-Band WiFi

Bluetooth 4.0 LE


Storage that's a big deal.

With up to 2TB, the pint-sized LINK can handle a sea of data, a mass of movies, a lifetime of photos - you get the idea. It has more storage than most laptops, phones, and tablets combined.

2TB Solid State Drive (SSD) Storage

256GB and 512GB SSD (optional)

400GB Removable Card (optional)


Keeps your data, yours.

Set and control customizable permissions levels for different files and users. Remotely wipe all information in case LINK is lost or stolen. Back-up easily to either a preferred cloud service or local device.

2048-Bit Military-Grade Encryption

Self-Encrypting Drive (SED)

Reform Security